Riding with Soul #1

My friend John Armstrong was sponsored by Gravity Skateboards until they got sold off and ruined a few years ago. Not mad at Bream, the former owner. He did a good job with it, and I’m sure it was hard to do. He made some great boards and sponsored some great riders, like John.

I’ll be posting more of John in the coming weeks. Best dude ever, and so good on a longboard. Watch this video. He’s the guy with the shaved head. Best style. I’d rather watch John flow around than any of the current-day dancing wankery. So, so good. Look how John carves on that 42″ Mini-Carve. And of course, that is the late Brad Edwards — World’s Greatest Longboarder – there ripping along side him.

Watch and learn, kids. Watch and learn. It’s about the soul and the flow, and not a bunch of ridiculous urban attention seeking hipster bullshit.

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