Riding with Soul #2

I can’t think of longboarding without thinking of Tom Sims (1950-2012). Tom may not have invented longboards, but he is largely credited as being the first person to market longboarding as an offshoot to typical skateboarding in 1975. Pictures of him longboarding are classic skateboard images, and he exudes style.

This is from, of course, a time when the longboarder skated with the skateboarder and there weren’t two separate subcultures for both. In fact, Tom Sims (and Sims Skateboards) sponsored some of the most influential skaters of all-time including Hosoi, Hawk, Rocco, and Andre.

Watch how he moves in the following video clip. sure, it is cheesy 70s television, but watching him skate is worth sitting through the interview:

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