Riding with Soul #3

Riding with Style #1 featured some footage of Brad Edwards, but Brad needs to have his own post. Honestly, Brad should have a series of posts (and that could happen, I suppose).

Brad skated everything on a longboard, and by longboard I mean a long skateboard, and by that I mean a early 90s-ish shape stretched out to 40 inches. And he made it look good. Good?

He made it look great. Cross-step backside 50/50 grinds on transition, bert shove-its, and long floating backside disasters. Watching Brad skate was inspirational to me when I took up a longer skateboard.

2 thoughts on “Riding with Soul #3

  1. Absolutely. I’d always get stoked when he’d comment on one of my skate posts on Facebook or Instagram. I was hoping to meet him and skate with him just before he passed. He had been working about two hours from me in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, he passed away before that could happen.

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