Notes on the first podcast

When I listened to the first episode of the podcast, I was first shocked at how terrible I was at choosing my words. I mean, damn, I couldn’t even think of the words “skid” and “plate” for crying out loud. After listening to all my hemming and hawing, it was a reminder of why I like to write. I can revise a draft as many times as I like, and if I pause to try and think of the right word to type, you can’t hear the pause like you can on a one take podcast.

The other thing that I thought about after listening to the podcast was that I don’t really know anything about longboard dancing (although I talked about it like I do). I mean, what exactly is longboard dancing? Is it freestyle skateboarding adapted to carvy truck longboards? Or is it different. I mean, I can do freestyle footwork on a 40 inch board, but isn’t longboard dancing. So, I started doing some in-depth research. Well, maybe not that in-depth. I started watching some longboard dance videos, like the one below, on the Youtube.


Watching longboard dance videos got me started watching some trick tip videos. Those trick tip videos got me trying some new moves at my local freestyle skatepark. Now, I have no desire to become a dancer, but I have to say, the moves are challenging.

One thought on “Notes on the first podcast

  1. That person has fast feet in that video. Fluid comes to my mind when I see him skate. Think he also does some step by step page as well. On the podcast thing-you did way better than I would. Although I have never tried a podcast, I just know the sound of my voice recorded freaks me out. Maybe everyone feels like that. The whole “Do I actually sound that way?”

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