FS360 Podcast: Ep2

In this episode David compares traditional flatland freestyle with longboard dancing, and we talk about this video from our blog (you might want to skip the first couple of minutes). Bob remembers the early videos of Adam Colton and boards of Longboard Larry!

Speaking of Adam Colton and Adam Stokowski, HERE is one of those videos, from 13 years ago, that really started the longboard dancing craze. Frankly, I still like the way the Adams do it. They are riding the homemade boards that led to the Longboard Larry Oldschool Dancer.

One thought on “FS360 Podcast: Ep2

  1. Yes to all of this. Once again discovered some history of skating like Adam Colton on Loaded for example. By the way his vids rule. On the guy in France he is pure movement on his board. There is a Paris rider from Brazil who does surfy footwork barefoot and some odd yoga like moves can’t think of his name something like Beeno. That is awesome you have a Dregs and a Longboard Larry. My thoughts on skateboard divisons is try it all. Maybe hill runs are not your cup of soup and you are better at fast footwork or carves make you giddy. That goes for all skating not just longboards try it all to avoid stagnation. Keep the goodness you two have started going. Many an idea to write about. Oh that Ed Economy mention made my day. He use to race high end slot cars with my friend in San Jose in the early 90’s.

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