Doing Nothing

I promise this blog will not just be pictures I post of myself, but there’s a global pandemic going on, I’ve been home with a sinus infection, and it’s been raining all the time, so I’ve been looking through a lot of my old pics from my dear departed Texas Longboarder site. I think I’ve realized that some of the pictures of me skating are those in which I’m really not doing anything. Just skating around, carving. They almost always look better than when I’m doing a trick. Arm position can make a shot look good, I’ve learned, but the knees really make a difference. I think all the really classic photos from skateboarding history prove this. Show me some good knee style and I’ll show you an excellent picture.

On my beloved Gravity Mini-Carve a few years ago, at a now defunct hill. Click for full-size.
In a parking garage at Baylor University, on a Gravity Bamboo spoon kicktail 42″. Click for full-size.
A few years ago on the much appreciated Bustin Boombox. A video capture. A fun session. Click for full-size.
On the Bustin Boombox back in about 2013, with some experimental filters. Click for full-size.
Back at my poor old hill a few years back. Click for full-size.

2 thoughts on “Doing Nothing

  1. You are absolutely correct about knee positioning and skateboard photography. So many of the classic skate shots from the 70’s are made stylish through leg/knee positioning. When I was sharing a lot of pictures of ditch skating, how my arms and knees were positioned was always a very important factor.

  2. Ok quiz time which looks better: a picture of someone with knees bent, arms back, almost relaxed style for miles or a picture of say a stiff, anger looking, arms a flailing stair jumper? Survey says knees bent for the win. Hope your sinus infection clears up having non fun with the same thing.
    Oh, if a fall is to occur with knees bent it becomes more a tuck and roll unlike the stiff legged posture which usually results in the dreaded Splat! like a bug on a windshield.

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