Notes on the Second Podcast

Longboard dancing/Freestyle skateboarding

Are they synonymous or are they something different? On my other website/blog (where I will continue to post my current skating) I am going to post my journey as I attempt to learn both and combine them. Currently I’m working on taking my freestyle footwork to a 40 inch board. In the meantime, I’m attempting to learn basic dance moves to interweave. But enough about that.

The next video is important because the clip that gave this website it’s namesake and gave us the topic for this podcast. It is Chris Chaput (yes, that Chris Chaput of Abec11) with some longboard freestyle skating mixed in with other disciplines. Notice the frontside 360s he’s turning. Yes, that is how this website got it’s name.

So, I believe both longboard dance and skateboard freestyle can be overlapped, but are certainly different in presentation.

1. Stops and starts more often: stationary tricks like rail flips etc…
2. It doesn’t count if you put your foot down (just ask Tony Gale)
3. More circular: freestyle tends to happen in a more confined space “dance floor” with audience surrounding in contests

Longboard dance:
1. Flow without stopping: stationary tricks are seen much less often
2. No comply based tricks are the norm
3. More Linear: dance tends to be in one long line (similar to a street skating line)

On another personal note, I could listen to myself without any self-loathing this time. This isn’t because I was better at speaking. It was because I made notes and gathered my thoughts for a few minutes before we started. I’ll have to continue the note making.

One thought on “Notes on the Second Podcast

  1. Thank you for that classic film footage. Some will say now is the best time in skating, I’ll say it was the 70s. Pure style back than, ride all forms of skating, I think for the most part we all got along better back than. Ok Chaput rode for Bel-Air back than and was like a chef of skateboarding-a bit of freestyle, a dash of speed, add a longboard, let simmer and be stoked. Bonus was George Orton taking to the sky at the end.

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