FS360 Podcast: Ep3

In our 3rd episode, we talk about David’s efforts to do flatland freestyle (in the more traditional sense) on a 40″ board, and talk about the challenges of doing that, and some strategies for adapting your longboard skating to that discipline — all inspired by the great Chris Chaput, who used 40″+ longboards in his freestyle routines in the 1970s.

Next episode – ditch skating.

Chris Chaput, doing frontside 360s on a longboard back in the 1970s, from the video “Blaze On”. Click Image to get the video on Amazon streaming (not an advertisement – we just like the video).

One thought on “FS360 Podcast: Ep3

  1. Thank you both for doing this. Now I am 80% positive I saw a film of Bob at that Philly contest on his longboard. I just can not recall where I saw it. Next up yes walk the dogs are slower but still a gas to do. Nose wheels are a lot easier as well. If your center of gravity still works along with the knees try some Christie’s or shoot the duck on a longboard. Um Alva short stuff is a super fun board the tail isn’t monster steep and the concave feels just right not too deep nor shallow. Strange House has the 36 and 40″ Bowman in stock by Alva/Poolkings. Wish Poolkings still made boards. I looked up a website for them from 2015 and saw that it sorta directs you to Alva’s site. Yes Watson Laminates does Alva’s boards, side history note 1980’s most all G&S decks had a W for Watson decal on them. Lastly I saw a place called Longboard USA has some Gravity in stock yet it has a off feeling to the website. Or maybe it is just me. They carry Madrid also and various lower end decks. Look forward to next week. Oh at the first fest I rode my 35″ Fickle classic in all the ditches and it worked good. Thanks again.

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