A little more about my BoomBox

Here’s a little video I made when I was out skating today, talking about his setup and changes I’ve made. I need to get the squeak out of the trucks. The pivot cups are squeaky.

Talking about my Bustin Boombox from Bob Loftin on Vimeo

And here’s dorky thing I put on Instagram. You know, I love freestyle and ditch skating and doing tricks, but I also love just rolling smoothly on a really nice board.

Ride along with Pandemic Bob from Bob Loftin on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “A little more about my BoomBox

  1. Bob, I am so glad to have fired up your lost love called longboards. Pretty sure Riptide has pivot cups for Randall II’s. I looked at the EZ Hawgs as well at one point. Still rolling my Fatty Hawgs 63mm/78a and they bring smiles. Keep rolling my friend.

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