Autumn in Flux

So, I got a message from Bob in which he mentioned a Skull Skates video called Autumn in Flux. Honestly, I hadn’t heard of the video before. It is hard for me to admit that because I have absolutely loved Skull Skates for years. My favorite board as a teen was the Swank model, and I’ve been wearing the same worn out Skull Skates shirt for close to a decade. Well, a quick Youtube search and now you can see this video too:

This is a great example of Freeriding on a 42″ longboard.

I know, I’ve mentioned on the podcast that I prefer my skate video parts to be just skating, but this is a great watch.

2 thoughts on “Autumn in Flux

  1. I communicated years ago with the creator, Jason Nardella. I wish he would make more stuff. The Super 8 looks fantastic. Beautiful, beautiful video.

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