Notes of Episode 3

Our final longboard freestyle podcast (for now) before we move onto ditch skating on longboards as a topic. Originally, we were attempting to make a weekly mini-podcast of approximately ten minutes each. We can’t seem to make that happen, and our single topic podcasts seem to work best at 20 minutes each.

I’ve been attempting to tie freestyle footwork with longboard dance tricks. More can be read on about that, but Bob talked about having ridden a longboard in a freestyle contest.

Eventually we talked about some non-freestyle or dance related skateboards including Alva and Skull Skates. Below is the Alva Fender board I was talking about:

One thought on “Notes of Episode 3

  1. I think I have seen that board of yours before. Looking forward to the ditch talks. Relating to longboards in ditches is that gathering in New Mexico at Indian School and The Bear known as Ditch Slap.

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