4 thoughts on “FS360 Podcast: Ep4

  1. Holy wow. So much radness in this. From the Jesse Parker board to Power Paw wheels (first board I had had small Power paws front bigger in back. It was the 70s so there you go.) Extra pump on the flat section a name and image came to mind Eric Conn. He is like the Zen king of that. He was doing the extra gyration on the bank at Deer into loud front drags and follow that with a quick pump down the bank. Oh, the lip on those Power Paw wheels reminded me of when slalom folks were shaving down the edge of their early Hot Spots. Amazing job from both you.

  2. Hey ! So ERIC turned me on to the podcast and I am digging it ! Very cool ! Look forward to catching up and to hear future shows ! 🍻🍻🍻

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