Pumping: Notes on FS360 Ep. 4

I talk a lot about pumping on this episode. I really like pumping, and feel like it is something that doesn’t get discussed much in skateboarding except by long distance pumping skaters. They, of course, are a completely different story that we’ll have to discuss in the future. Well, here is a video a made a few years ago. I’m riding a 40-something inch 13 ply Baltic Birch longboard that I made from a piece of plywood. It is completely flat and has cut outs for the wheels. In all honesty, it was supposed to be a copy of an old Gravity board, but I ended up messing with the shape too much and it turned out to not be nearly as cool as a Gravity. Anyway, it does show the pumping before you carve up a wall I was talking about with Bob.

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