4 thoughts on “FS360 Podcast: Ep 6

  1. That was a good long discussion. Built in bearings first one’s I ever tried were the Abec11 ones and it was ok, went back to just running non built ins but always with a spacer. On bearings I saw a strange thing once when my friend was going down this hill and his back wheel went all wobbley. He had some shop bearings and basically the bearings pushed out the shield, spewed forth numerous bearings and debris all over the road. So I look at his other bearings and nope not china they were from Russia. That was a first for me . Next up G-turns on a longboard there are two raelly good skaters who do them so flowy. One in France and the other is Jeff Corsi. I’ll dig out a film and step by step of him doing them. Lastly the do I need all these boards? Last count I have 13 completes and some get rode more than others. I am in my push/pump phase right now and have 3 set ups just for that alone. It may be lunacy but it feels right to me. Look forward to the bushing talk next week. . Thanks for this.

  2. I just watched a little footage of Jeff Corsi. He seems to do the g-turn with a sideways foot position like I do.

  3. Had me at bearings and talking to the podcast like im there . Then talking about respecting your board , totally relatable!!! Until hoarding .
    I have about 30 that are set up to ride …… and I do ride them at least once and a while just to ride something else and the truth is …… as a kid a new board was respected like new shoes , for a couple weeks then it was all about skating but also knowing it may be a year or two before I could get a new deck !
    As I gotta older and more serious , I could afford new stuff but I became one with my board and didn’t like change and then rent , bills etc got in the way so now , since my daughter rides a longboard and a short board , my wife rides her different short boards and it’s a family business….
    Ya . I’m a damn hoarder ! Haha
    Thanx for letting me share !

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