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I’ve mentioned my current 40″ longboard setup a lot, but haven’t taken the time to really describe what is going on with it. The board is, in truth, 39″ long (not 40) and is made by the Australia based brand, Globe. I didn’t really know much about Globe before I bought this setup. I researched a bit and found out that Globe also owns the third party brands Stussy, Obey,and Protec. They also own Hardcore distribution which distributes the major skateboard brands across Australasia, and at one point they owned Dwindle (Almost, Blind, Dusters California, Tensor, Kryptonics Star Trac reissues, and Enjoi).

I ordered the board because of a seeming lack of standard shaped boards with longer wheelbases. At one point (as I’ve talked about), I rode Eastbilt longboards almost exclusively. I moved away from longboards for awhile, but when I came back around to riding longer wheelbases, standard shapes had become difficult to find. Dancing boards were available but generally longer than I wanted, and often made with fiberglass (I wanted maple only construction). Other longboards didn’t have nose and tails made for doing any trick riding.

This board measures in, as I said, at 39″ long and is 9.25″ wide with a 21″ wheelbase. The concave is very mellow as are the kicks on both the nose and tail. The tail is slightly steeper, and the one negative I have about the board is the the nose is a little too mellow for my tastes. I’d like to have the board feel completely the same whether riding on nose or tail, but the difference isn’t enough to put me off the deck.

I got this as a complete and it came set up with Slant traditional kingpin trucks. These trucks, when sitting next to a set of Tensor alloy trucks, appear to be exactly the same just with a different branding. This would make sense since both brands were under the Globe brand at one point. I don’t know how the trucks would hold up under grinding and stair drops, but for the style of riding I’m doing with this board, they seem to be just fine. The trucks came set up with what appears to be 5 degree wedge risers, and had some very soft, very turny bushings (more on that in the next podcast).

I didn’t have much confidence in the wheels although they looked good enough. Since finding out they owned Dwindle when the Kryptonics Star Trac reissues were released gives me confidence in them although I have yet to try them. I swapped them out for a set of Mini Logo AWOL 80a wheels. They are  Bones ATF formula and are fantastic wheels. They slide yet only seem to release when I ask them to.

The other change I made to the board is an addition of nose and tail skids. Both are made by Mode skateboards and are saving it from having razor tail on either end of the board. I also cut out a freestyle circle in the grip which makes both footwork and dance easier on it.

2 thoughts on “About My Board: Globe Trucker Longboard

  1. Nice board set up review. I had no idea Globe was from Australia. Learn something every day. Glad we talked last night, will get some film of that one footed tail scoot along for you and maybe film that front foot hook and spin deal.

    1. This reminds me of the topic of what companies own other companies and the whole structure of the “industry “.
      Another time and place for that conversation!

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