Set Up Update: Wheels

In my last post, I wrote about my current longboard setup. In that post, I mentioned that I had changed the wheels on my board from the stock setup to a set of Mini Logo AWOL 59mm 80a ATF formula wheels. The AWOL made it two months, but started chunking this week.

So this was, of course, a bummer. I was hoping this set of wheels would last at least another month, but they were already worn down about 3mm. and I can’t stand skating a chunked set of wheels (I feel the same way about chipped boards).

So, I stuck the wheels that had actually come with the board back on it, and gave it a go.

These are a stoneground white 62mm 78a offset (nearly center set) wheel. They are about 48mm wide and the contact patch looks to be the same width as the wheel. They are about 8 – 10mm wider than the Mini Logo I was riding, and that extra width was very noticeable. The board is much more stable during a turn which made all of my footwork easier.  Additionally, they slid on a ghost ride 360 shove-it with ease, and felt just as fast as Mini-Logo. This really shouldn’t be a surprise because I have been a very big fan of the softer Star Trac wheels, and as I mentioned in the last post, Globe owned Dwindle when those wheels were released.

I’m hoping that these wheels last a good while because I’ve been scoping out a replacement, and I haven’t found anything right in the same size/shape. I may look into finding a set of 60mm Abec11 Noskoolz if those are still around out there.

One thought on “Set Up Update: Wheels

  1. Sorry to hear about your wheels falling apart. Maybe a not so good batch, air bubble, large sharp object that caused it. Hoping the stock wheels work wheel for you.

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