One thought on “FS360 Podcast: Ep 7

  1. Hats Fedora-timeless head cover. AE&D I think is the wheel maker of Abec11, Hawgs, Sesmic, Remeberance, Orangutangs. Creative Urethane does all the harder ones. Scary loose trucks Bryce’s set up. Reflex bushings-years back racers would take old Flywheels and using one of those drill bits that drills a hole and cuts a circle and cut out home made Abec 11 bushings. For decades I rode Khiro mainly the 85a front and a 85a cone/90a barrel back. Yes the last few sets I got from Khiro felt off. Riptide if you have no idea send them a message and they’ll help you step by step what will work for your weight, riding style, board set up, truck set up, etc. Like talking to a board maker only with bushings and pivot cups. Yes the stock bushings in Paris and Caliber are good yet the Blood Orange stock in the Caliber are not my fav. Those orange globs that come in that NHS truck are only good for checkers. What else? You too have gone over so much I need to process it all. Oh maybe try to get John Armstrong to be on and discuss all things Gravity and his thoughts on that Longboard USA site that has some newer looking decks from Gravity. Or get Sir Tony “No feet on the floor bloody hell” Gale to talk of his longboard days. Just a few idea’s. Lastly it is Venom that has the grab bag of bushings. Um synapses slipped. I have spent over 125.00 on a lot of Riptide in a single go. That is enough for about 4-5 set ups.

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