Bushing Follow Up

My Riptide Krank Street bushings have arrived this week and I’ve installed them onto my Globe board. As you can see from the photo, they make my set up a double barrel. What that has done is made my board return to center much more quickly than a double cone set up will.

The 94a hardness seems to give it enough stability, and the turn is very nice with this set up. Now, setting up a board with Riptides will cost about double the amount Bones cost, but the real test of value will be how long they last in comparison to the Bones.

Update: After about a half hour on these this morning, I switched out the front roadside bushing to a Riptide 84a red short street krank barrel. It turns/pumps a little better, but still returns to center nicely. I had used the 84a reds on a slalom set up before I bought a bennett vector truck. I had originally wanted to keep the set up exactly the same between the two trucks, but I like the red up front a little better.

One thought on “Bushing Follow Up

  1. Have Kranks on my Timber 46″ and it is perfect. One and a half turns of the kingpin nut. 85a cone roadside/87.5 Canon barrel boardside. The important thing with Krank bushings is you only can go 2 full turns for as tight as they will ever be. Once you find that spot set down the tool and you are set.

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