Wheelbase and Trucks

Below is a picture of the three boards I ride most often right now. As you can see two of the decks are completely the same. However, one is set up with tkp trucks and the other with rkp trucks (slant and caliber respectively). As you can see, the wheelbase with the rkp trucks is clearly smaller than the tkp trucks. Yes, folks, wheelbase given on a deck isn’t really the wheelbase.It is, of course, the distance between the truck holes. A true wheelbase is the distance between hanger and hanger.

I have noticed that the deck set up with rkp trucks FEELS smaller than the truck with tkp trucks. When board walking I go into a wheelie on accident often and the the board feels much smaller than the other board. It is interesting to note in that I could easily have a deck several inches longer with a wheelbase of several more inches on the rkp deck to have the feel of the deck with tkp trucks.

One thought on “Wheelbase and Trucks

  1. Axle to axle distance and yes with RKP and the degree of angle it actually makes it a shorter wheelbase than the standard hole to hole. Yet the industry has always gone by the hole to hole distance. Good insight David. What is the specs on the long blank? If you were to measure hole to hole on a board from the 70s it is 14″ just like the multitude of ones now. Except for the Sims longer Taperkicks those had a nice long hole to hole. Good topic.

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