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I’ve been depending on David to post things here and skate. Work has been busy, the heat has been hot, and 2020 continues to deliver unpleasantness and challenges that frankly have left me with little motivation to get out there and skate. We are determined to beat you, 2020, you son of a bitch. We will beat you.

Anyway, while it isn’t a longboard, I have ordered a 10.75″ wide Alva Aggression Fish deck and some 88a Alva Conicals (yellow). The board is 32″ long, has a 17″ wheelbase, and relatively short 4″ nose and 6.5″ tail. I will throw some 169s on it and some proper risers, and I think this will be quite a fun board to ride. I’m looking forward to it. Frankly, I’d have ordered the flatter oldschool fish if they’d had any, but think this board will be really fun. Its a board I’ve been looking at for a while, and frankly, I bought it to make myself feel better. Mindless consumerism to distract me from life’s difficulties. I’m good with that. I’m also looking forward to these wheels. I think they are going to rule.

I’m super proud of my partner here, David, for the massive progress he’s made on his freestyle longboard.

Anyway, when I get the new board set up I’ll try to get our and skate, and maybe shoot some video of myself flailing around.

2 thoughts on “What’s up

  1. This is a good surprise to see as I shake sleep from my brain pan. Hoping you like the board and wheels. Both my Alva longs have a 80s type concave-not to steep/foot bender. Yes this year is like gravel it sucks but we just keep sweeping it along.

  2. Stoked to hear what you think of the new ride and glad you are safe !
    This year has really been crazy and it has finally started to sink in . I was able to keep up with all my projects ,minus painting skateboards as much , and I’ve finally hit the point where I spend more time trying to stay focused on the day job and keeping my family safe . I do still get my skating in and will be painting decks with my daughter again soon for a project I am doing to donate skateboard decks to kids .
    Just trying to find a balance in these crazy times !
    I hope both you and your families stay healthy and find your balance during these times !
    Much respect ,

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