Riding with Soul: Rocco?

You’ll notice I stopped posting after my World Round Up run. This was because I switched back to a freestyle set up and wasn’t riding a longboard. The move to make this blog about skateboarding including all types and sizes of board makes sense. Why pigeonhole yourself into a set wheelbase or style of skating? Or if you are going to just longboard, why not be influenced by all different kinds of riding. Me? I skated the freestyle board for about a month, but this week I felt the pull of the long wheelbase call me, and I ended up switching over again. I was looking through my longboard stuff on instagram and, man, I like how that looks a lot. While I love how other skaters look on freestyle boards, I truly like my skating on a longer wheelbase (from an entirely aesthetic view).

All that said, while I am primarily freestyle skating, I have been thinking of getting out to a few ditches soon. In fact, I think you’ll notice skaters that skate a variety of terrains and “genres” of skating have a good style. Even if it freestyle meets street skating. Check out this pic of Steve Rocco that I stole from Bob who borrowed it from someone else:

Check out this video of Rocco skating freestyle:

Technically sound and able to throw down a late 70s inspired spinning slide in the middle of a run.

One thought on “Riding with Soul: Rocco?

  1. I tend to agree with you on this David. I have tried pretty much every form and type of skating except a skate car, barrel jumps, high jumps, and I am sure I am missing something. Nice invert of a curb from Rocco. Notice the wrist guards? If they are like the blue one’s they will sweat stain his skin. The blue suede one’s made my skin blueish. So Yes skate all around and watch the various styles blend into a beautiful flow.

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