Peralta, Freestyle, and Flow

Well, it’s been cold. The weekends have been rainy, and I’ve not been able to skate in several weeks. A bummer, but such is life. I’m just not like David, who will go out in the cold. Dude is an animal.

This week a friend on Facebook posted footage of a freestyle contest from Sweden in about 1981 (a guess), at the Eurocana event. Four skaters. The second one is Stacy Peralta. I have watched the Peralta part over and over and over.

The other skaters are all good skaters, and they all did stuff that was technically harder than Peralta, who honestly looked like he was making it up as he went along. But — the Peralta stuff all looked a thousand percent better. He was riding what appeared to be a predecessor of the the 8×28 Powell Peralta General Issue, an all-around board from those days. 14.75″ wheelbase, 3″ nose. Not a real dedicated freestyle board, but it’s what he rode.

The thing is, Stacy skated with flow. He looked like a guy out actually skating having fun. Given my skating activities the last year, I feel like I’ve been heading that direction. I can see entering a contest and never doing a single flip tricks. I don’t do that many anyway.

Since it isn’t my video I won’t repost it here, but here’s a screen cap of Stacy doing a backside G-turn the way only he does.

2 thoughts on “Peralta, Freestyle, and Flow

  1. Stacey’s skating is very similar to that of Greg Weaver very surfy pure flow with some moves through in between the 360s. Skitch hitchcock was another flowing while rolling skater. As to the board for decades the legend was the Powell Peralta general issue was surplus G&S Warptails with a different paint scheme. That may or may not be true though. Anyway stoked to see new articles here. Stay warm and yes David is charging lately. Oh 25 degrees outside spin some 360s to warm up the body.

  2. Eric, that is close! I just learned this, but it was the Powell Peralta Street Issue what was surplus Hobie Parkrider decks. Hobie went out of business, and Powell bought them up and repainted them!

    That doesn’t surprise me about Weaver.

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