Remembering My Hill

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about just riding and turning. I miss this hill. For over 10 years my friend and I could skate this 1/4 mile hill with no traffic at all after work and on weekends. The area was redeveloped a few years ago, which ruined it. The only real hill in town.

I go through different “moods” in skating. Sometimes I want to do tricks. Sometimes I want to do footwork. Sometimes I just – don’t – care about anything but rolling and flowing and getting that feeling that only skateboarding can provide.

Anyway, here is an old video I shot with my friend Chris Smith. Details of the boards are on the Vimeo page.

Bacon Gaze – Longboarding Tribute to Deep Snapper from Bob Loftin on Vimeo.

Riding with Soul: Rocco?

You’ll notice I stopped posting after my World Round Up run. This was because I switched back to a freestyle set up and wasn’t riding a longboard. The move to make this blog about skateboarding including all types and sizes of board makes sense. Why pigeonhole yourself into a set wheelbase or style of skating? Or if you are going to just longboard, why not be influenced by all different kinds of riding. Me? I skated the freestyle board for about a month, but this week I felt the pull of the long wheelbase call me, and I ended up switching over again. I was looking through my longboard stuff on instagram and, man, I like how that looks a lot. While I love how other skaters look on freestyle boards, I truly like my skating on a longer wheelbase (from an entirely aesthetic view).

All that said, while I am primarily freestyle skating, I have been thinking of getting out to a few ditches soon. In fact, I think you’ll notice skaters that skate a variety of terrains and “genres” of skating have a good style. Even if it freestyle meets street skating. Check out this pic of Steve Rocco that I stole from Bob who borrowed it from someone else:

Check out this video of Rocco skating freestyle:

Technically sound and able to throw down a late 70s inspired spinning slide in the middle of a run.

Riding with Soul #3

Riding with Style #1 featured some footage of Brad Edwards, but Brad needs to have his own post. Honestly, Brad should have a series of posts (and that could happen, I suppose).

Brad skated everything on a longboard, and by longboard I mean a long skateboard, and by that I mean a early 90s-ish shape stretched out to 40 inches. And he made it look good. Good?

He made it look great. Cross-step backside 50/50 grinds on transition, bert shove-its, and long floating backside disasters. Watching Brad skate was inspirational to me when I took up a longer skateboard.

Riding with Soul #2

I can’t think of longboarding without thinking of Tom Sims (1950-2012). Tom may not have invented longboards, but he is largely credited as being the first person to market longboarding as an offshoot to typical skateboarding in 1975. Pictures of him longboarding are classic skateboard images, and he exudes style.

This is from, of course, a time when the longboarder skated with the skateboarder and there weren’t two separate subcultures for both. In fact, Tom Sims (and Sims Skateboards) sponsored some of the most influential skaters of all-time including Hosoi, Hawk, Rocco, and Andre.

Watch how he moves in the following video clip. sure, it is cheesy 70s television, but watching him skate is worth sitting through the interview:

Riding with Soul #1

My friend John Armstrong was sponsored by Gravity Skateboards until they got sold off and ruined a few years ago. Not mad at Bream, the former owner. He did a good job with it, and I’m sure it was hard to do. He made some great boards and sponsored some great riders, like John.

I’ll be posting more of John in the coming weeks. Best dude ever, and so good on a longboard. Watch this video. He’s the guy with the shaved head. Best style. I’d rather watch John flow around than any of the current-day dancing wankery. So, so good. Look how John carves on that 42″ Mini-Carve. And of course, that is the late Brad Edwards — World’s Greatest Longboarder – there ripping along side him.

Watch and learn, kids. Watch and learn. It’s about the soul and the flow, and not a bunch of ridiculous urban attention seeking hipster bullshit.