About frontside360

Frontside360 Longboarding exists encourage and explore longboarding as more than downhill or “dance”. Inspired by the longboarding of the 1970s (as described in the classic Skateboarder Magazine article “Cult of the Longboard”) and the all-terrain ripping of the late 1990s and early 2000s, we’ll look at longboarding in ditches, parks, long distance push, and whatever else strikes our fancy. We’ll explore the history of the long skateboard, comment on videos and images, editorialize, preach, rant, and discuss.

This will not be a flashy site. We will not try to sell you anything (well, who knows. Perhaps we’ll do a zine for sale or something like that, but not bullshit advertising). There is no damned advertising here.

If you don’t like to read you will not like this blog.

We are…

David Thornton – bio coming soon.

Bob Loftin – from Texas. I’m a skater since the 1976. I love bank skating, flatland freestyle, and my own weird version of street skating. Gave longboarding a try in the late 1990s and ran TexasLongboarder.com for many years (my old  longboarding blog). For the last 6 years I’ve been doing mostly flatland freestyle, and continue to do that, but I’m teaming up with David to save longboarding.