About frontside360

Frontside 360 is the podcast of two guys, one in is 40s, the other in his 50s, talking about their lives in skateboarding.

This will not be a flashy site. We will not try to sell you anything (well, who knows. Perhaps we’ll do a zine for sale or something like that, but not bullshit advertising). There is no damned advertising here.

If you don’t like to read you will not like this blog.

We are…

David Thornton – David lives in Arkansas. He is the founder and dark overlord of the Luchaskate empire. He enjoys all manner of skateboarding. For the last year or so he’s been working on freestyle. Davis is the author of Nobody: Essays from a lifer skater.

Bob Loftin – from Texas. I’m a skater since the 1976. I love bank skating, flatland freestyle, and my own weird version of street skating. I like to ride longboards as well.